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Baskets not Bullets


Drew Donohue, Jalen Harris, and Cole Tansey are three students who decided to work on a community project to raise awareness of the impact of gang-related gun violence in Chicago. They are focusing on sports as a way to help keep kids safe and off of the streets.

Their plan is to introduce a powerful documentary by Mike Oquendo, ‘For The Love of Mom’, that focuses on the impact gun violence has had on local families. This documentary inspired them to raise awareness and funds for a sports/mentorship program called Windy City Hoops, a program that offers kids positive alternatives to being on the streets.

We are amazed and inspired by the decision that these 3 boys made and we want to join them in this journey to stop violence against kids. All raised funds will go towards purchasing wristbands and t-shirts that they are selling to support the Windy City Hoops program.

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They just need to receive a quote – no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!


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