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Providing Youth in Chicago A Safe Haven Where They Can Excel

We are hopeful to be able to fund The Miracle Center, a local organization that uses after-school and summer programming to empower and train inner-city youth in developing full theater productions that address important subject matters. They understand that given that our community experiences pervasive poverty, unemployment and low educational attainment, art has the power to inspire higher self-esteem, positive behavior and creative problem solving.

Research indicates that students involved in Theater Arts outscored non-art students on the SAT. Theater Arts also improves school attendance, reduces high school dropout rates, and increases parent involvement. TMC is committed to providing youth a safe haven to excel academically, creatively and personally.

Our agency is on a mission to raise $500 to help fund TMC’s latest project, “There’s A Coqui in My Shoe!”, a story that celebrates Puerto Rico’s national treasure and captures the vibrant color, culture, flora and fauna of the island.

For every no-obligation quote we deliver, we can donate $10 on your behalf, to promote personal growth in local children in Chicago. “By supporting this program, we know we can have a huge impact on the lives of students and young adults during the most important years of their lives.”

They just need to receive a quote – no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!





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