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Providing 7th Graders With Laptops So They Can Excel

Shelly Lidster is a seventh-grade teacher in a Chicago Public School striving to improve the education level of her students by providing them with greater access to technology, which will help them prepare for their academic and professional future as students of the 21st century.

Shelly is not asking for money, but rather computers. Her students need access to computers as they only have access to the computer lab at school once a week, which limits how much they are able to learn. Her goal is to obtain six Chromebooks, which would allow her to create learning stations for all 138 of her students! These chromebooks would allow students to blog, create and research, amongst many other tools.

Shelly is a great teacher aiming to prepare her students for a better education and greater opportunities. By providing these resources to her students, we are helping 138 students become valuable digital citizens and prepare them for a better future.

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