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Meet Our Team

Lisa Jusino

Agency Owner
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Elizabeth (Lisa) affiliated with the insurance industry for 26 years holding various positions in Marketing, Development, and Management. Opened current agency in 2002 and has been recognized as being amongst the top 10% in the company for Customer Service, Growth, and Market Penetration.

I take great pride in being an Insurance Agent.  I am able to assist my clients in securing their future by providing them with products that protect what they have worked so hard to obtain and with products that help them achieve their future dreams. Whether that is their children’s education, their retirement, or saving for their first home, if tragedy occurs before they reach those dreams, I am able to help their family fulfill them with the life Insurance we put in place in order to help them keep their dreams alive.

As a Small Business Owner, I enjoy working with businesses in helping protect them from Mayhem that may affect their day to day operations to planning for how to handle the unexpected. To best serve my clients I have built a team of professionals to assist me in providing immediate service.  Together we make sure that our clients are aware of the coverage’s and discounts available.  I truly enjoy what I do and I want my clients to feel that they have a great team handling their insurance needs.

Esmeralda Moran

Office Manager
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Affiliated with Allstate over 15 years. She is a Licensed Property, Casualty and Life agent. She has received various industry-related designations for her continued efforts in educating herself and our clients.  Esmeralda has been recognized as the Top Sales Producer in our agency for the last 6 years. Esmeralda works closely with first time home buyers teaching them about what they should be looking for when purchasing insurance and what questions to ask when they are comparing coverages.  She has created a large referral network based on the outstanding service she provides her customers and brokers that she works with. Times change and Esmeralda recognizes that most people don’t think about updating their coverage’s.  Esmeralda contacts our clients upon renewal and reviews the coverage’s they have in place and shares information on coverage’s they should consider and what available discounts they may qualify for.

Jose De Santiago

Financial Professional
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Jose has partnered with our team to assist our clients with planning and preparing for their financial dreams.  Whether your plans involve putting your child through college, insuring your retirement, paying off your home, or preparing for the unexpected, Jose’s expert advice will guide you through the process.  Our customers’ financial goals are very important to us. For that reason, I brought Jose on to the team to handle just that.  He comes with 15 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry.

Sylvia Irizarry

Customer Service Representative
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Affiliated with Allstate for 10 years, in the Customer Service Industry over 20 years. Sylvia is a great asset to the agency.  She makes everyone feel at home and takes great pride in helping our clients resolve any needs they may have, insurance related or not. Sylvia also works with our clients throughout the claim process to insure that we are carrying out the promise of “Being in Good hands.” She works closely with our Mortgage brokers and Realtor partners at obtaining all documents needed for closings. Sylvia is the Welcome Wagon of the agency, she provides our clients with information on the services we provide.

Mariana Espinoza

Associate Agent
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Affiliated with Allstate since 2011 Mariana began her insurance career in 2009. Mariana pride herself in getting to know the customer and designing an overall insurance plan to best protect them. She is one to point out every available discount and teach customers how to utilize the mobile tools Allstate has available. Mariana works out of our North Ave office.

Annette Garcia

Associate Agent
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I have been with Allstate since October 2010 and what I most enjoy about this business is the fact that in this type of business you can build relationships with your customers and you are able to gain there trust and ensure them that you’re guiding them correctly to be properly insured in case they need to utilize their insurance. I review the customers policies before their renewal to make sure they are receiving all their discounts and getting the best rate they possibly can. I am also Licensed in Property and Casualty.

Elena Garcia

Associate Agent
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Terrella Wings
Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor
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The best part of my role as a trusted advisor is having the opportunity to learn something new every day. I come into the office each day ready to properly protect everyone I can! My heart warms, and I feel complete after I have helped someone secure their peace of mind. After all, insurance is serious business!
I am an island girl at heart and was raised on the Northside of Chicago. From a professional standpoint, I come from the world of digital media, sales & marketing, and creative arts. On a personal note, I will never stop talking about community service and helping others. I feel strongly that it is the ‘rent’ we pay for the privilege of living on this earth. When I’m not working, though I’d be hard to find, if you search hard enough you can find me at a community center teaching the low-income youth–or behind a camera filming a short movie! Something most people don’t know about me is that I can sing like an angel! Oh, and I love country music…but shhh!